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Kelly & Sean

Thank you so much Bart for your help in my prewedding shoot, and 2 weddings!! Bart is super patient, professional, and he has so much attention to details! Hes always following around to touch up your makeup at anytime, he would not let you go before everything is perfect 🥰🥰🥰

K  iki & Ocean

Thank you Jovi for her makeup service on my big day! She gave me great confidence, so that I dun have to worry about my style and makeup look that day. Jovi’s style is simple & elegant yet make sure bride is beautifully shining on the big day! Thank you Jovi😊

Stephanie & Leo

Bart is a class act. Attentive but not pushy, his experienced hand was a valuable, calming presence in an otherwise high-pressure day. And the makeup and hair was, of course, flawless!! I felt pretty but still myself, and the photos so far have been great ☺️ his colleague Carrie was also kind, helpful and patient. Thank you so much Bart and Carrie!

C herry & Raphael

I’m so glad to have Jovi as my MUA on my big day! She is such a talented MUA and everybody loves my make up and hair styles! She creates natural, elegant and timeless styling, which fit all my wedding gowns and dresses perfectly. Jovi is always able to quickly change the makeup and hair styles in a beautiful way! She is a very nice MUA and I enjoy the time spending with her! Thanks a lot Jovi! Sooooo happy up have you❤️ love you!

Yvonne & Ali

Bart is one of the best, most attentive and kind-hearted make up artists in town! I was so lucky to have him to be part of my big day. He made me feel so relaxed and was super professional with both my make up and hair. I felt like a princess and so pretty, and most of all so natural and glowing like every bride wants to be. Bart really knows how to accentuate and play up your facial features for each and every outfit so don't need to worry at all. He made use of all my hairpieces and flowers and most of all, his professional eye and attitude to detail - made me feel like he really cared :)

His team including Jovi and Carrie were also just as amazing - they took care of both my mother and mother in law. Both moms looked stunning and of course, Bart's team also did my 8 bridesmaids who all had beautiful hair and perfect make up. All my bridesmaid said they felt so pretty on my wedding day!

I sincerely recommend Bart and all of his team members to any bride/ or bride to be. The quality and service was impeccable and if I had to chose again, I would definitely chose Bart :) Thanks again Bart and I hope you and Jovi continue to keep up the reputation you have!!!!

Carmen & Dennis

Jovi is the best choice for MUA on wedding day. You can trust her to do the best style for you for different outfit. Her styling is natural, simple and elegant. Don’t worry about swollen eyes after touching moments. She is able to fix it quickly to keep you stay pretty! Jovi is just perfect!

L ucia & Martin

Bart and his team were amazing during my wedding day. Bart was super attentive; made me feel calm and at ease all day. I had a stressful week before the wedding and even had a pimple on my chin but somehow Bart still managed to make my skin look flawless! Bart also encouraged me to try new looks and to move out of my comfort zone - I was quite conscious about my forehead and have always tried to stay away from all-back hairstyles. Bart persuaded me to try an all-back up do for our wedding ceremony and it looked great in person and in the photos - really glad that I took his advice!

My husband and I truly appreciate what Bart has done to make our wedding day extra special for us and I would have no hesitation in recommending Bart for any bride to be!

I would also like to thank Bart’s team for taking care of our mothers’ make-up. My mom and my mom-in-law both love their hair and makeup that day!

Emerald& Chung

I have done quite a few makeup trials in Hong Kong, and Jovi is certainly the best! During our makeup trial, I showed her a photo of a hairstyle that looked quite complicated from Pinterest and she replicated it perfectly. I was equally impressed by her high-quality makeup products and her make up skills. Most importantly she was open to listening to my preferences and needs and she was able to quickly come up with a suitable style. In between my engagement and wedding, Jovi also did my hair and makeup on several occasions where I received great compliments. In light of that, I have had a few friends who engaged her for one-time event hair and makeup and they were also very happy with her work. On my wedding day, I was a bit overwhelmed and I literally gave her 0 directions on hair and makeup, but everything turned out perfectly. This is how much I trusted her! She also had a great personality, which I was really thankful for, because she was the one who was by my side for the whole day, especially when my nerves kicked in. At the end of my wedding day, my make up still looked great, my hair didn't feel too tight, and could be easily combed through which I was really impressed with. I would highly recommend Jovi as a makeup artist. It is rare to find someone who executes both hair and makeup styles so well!

K atherine& Eric

Love my hair style on my big day so much! Bart is attentive and professional! No need to worry about a thing with him!

A shley & Jason

Bart is absolutely amazing!!! He is super talented, very professional and to my surprise he was extremely fun to work with, definitely a plus for the the big!

I actually booked him even before we had our first trial given we live in New York and wasn't planning on being in HK until a few months before the wedding. So I had my fingers crossed and made the booking anyway based on all the great reviews out there. Turned out, Bart wasn't just living up to expectations, he was way above and beyond it! During our makeup and hair trials I'd show him pictures for inspiration and he was able turn them into something that looks even prettier than those on the pics. He gave great suggestions and was honest on what looks good on me.

On the big day, Bart was absolutely fantastic! My makeup was natural yet colorful enough that it was a great enhancement of my look and more importantly he made me still look like me! I received so much compliments about it. Bart also did the hair for my husband to be on the day and he too looked amazing! What's even better was Bart wasn't just the makeup artist on the big day, he's so fun and easy to talk to making the day even more enjoyable! He also gave me little tips throughout the day and it felt like I had a guardian angel right next to me making sure that the day goes absolutely fabulous. Bart, thank you again for making me look and feel absolutely beautiful for my wedding. You're awesome!!!!!!!!

G isalle & Eric

Thank you so much Bart! I'm so glad to have you as my MUA on my wedding day!!! Everything you did was perfect and I had no slightest chance of regret!!! I know you were tired and unwell but you gave me your best so I really wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

S immy & Christopher

I do not know how to express how honored, how lucky, how blessed to have Bart as my MUA on the big day, it was absolutely more than words can say. I never thought a person can be so Cool and Talented but at the same time, so soft and caring; He is far beyond Professionalism. Bart is the person who really do "Be there always as you needed, anywhere, anytime". From his magic hands, I never look better in my life, you might not instantly have that confident from the reflection of the mirror, but SURE do spark it through the camera, he knows what's best to look best, no doubts. Whoever said i was truly stunning on the day, the honors all goes to Bart!! Thank you sooooo much (Merci Beaucoup) again for everything you have done for me on my special day~~~

S arah & Mark

Jovi was my makeup artist for my big day, and Bart was my pre-wedding photo artist, and both were very professional. They really listened to what I wanted, and made me feel at ease. I wholeheartedly appreciate their hard work and dedication, and fully recommend their services!

V icki & Louis

I had Jovi as my MUA for pre-wed photoshoot and wedding day. She was as perfect as it gets, turned me into a beautiful bride and helps with everything! I'm looking forward to her doing my makeup for my baby photoshoots!

W iny & Andy

I know this comes a little late, but I’m finally getting back to reality, and wanted to make sure I write a BIG THANK YOU note to Bart! Words couldn't express my gratitude for Bart's beautiful makeup artistry on my wedding day. Everyone raved about what a wonderful job you did and what a wonderful person you were to have with us. I thank you for helping to keep me calm in those last moments – what a lifesaver! I really feel blessed to have found such wonderful people to share my day with.

Bart is truly an incredible & professional artist and individual. Not only did make me feel the most gorgeous I have ever felt, he kept me calm and really coached me for the whole day.

Not only was the make-up flawless, which I expected, but he was such a detail-oriented person and a hairdresser and magician all in one :D You were terrific Bart!

It truly amazes me how you can come in and know exactly what I need — while I know I am one of those fussy perfectionist-bride. Highlight was my beautiful bohemian-hair braid!!! I received so many compliments on how I looked and felt so comfortable, natural and beautiful.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, once again, for all you did to make our wedding such a wonderful time! My sister and I beyond honored and am so blessed to have you for me on my wedding day. Thank you times infinity!

I will absolutely be recommending you to all my friends with upcoming weddings 

Y olanda & Elvis

If you have headache about choosing the make-up artist (MUA) for your Big Day, then Bart is definitely the right one you should ask for help.

From the recommended vendor list of my photographer and the good comments in the blog, I made an make-up trial appointment with Bart. At that time I had already paid deposit for another MUA for my prewedding photo shooting. However, after meeting Bart, I was pretty sure he is the one who can help me and satisfy what I need. Without thinking twice, I asked him for help on my wedding day and even changed my prewedding MUA to him immediately (because I felt the large difference of work and service provided by Bart as compared with other MUAs).

Never disappointed by Bart, he is always so attentive and can address whatever you need.

I have no doubt about his work. Attitude and sincerity of MUA are also crucial to your Big Day. I have heard too many bad experiences from my friends. Of course, this has never happened to Bart:) With him, you can just sit back, relax and enjoy your day. He will do his part professionally.

I'd like to thank Bart and his team. You always do more than I expected:)

S tephanie & Victor

Jovi is the MUA of my wedding day ! The make up is gorgeous ! I love it ! Thanks a lot to Jovi and the assistant Carrie ! Your service and attitude is good too !

R achel & Jerry

[DEFINITELY RECOMMEND] Bart is absolutely amazing! I would recommend him to any brides-to-be who are looking for simple, natural yet stunning make-up/hair-do on your big days.

MUA is the first thing I looked for in planning my wedding as I knew a good MUA can really make a crucial difference (and vice versa)!!

I was first impressed by Bart's portfolio in his website without knowing much about his fame as a wedding MUA. Immediately after the make-up trial, I confirmed my booking with him due to his impressive make-up skill, sincerity and professionalism. After that I came to realise a few of friends also hired Bart as their big day MUA, and all first hand comments I heard were positive. These reinforced my choice.

Nonetheless, I could never imagine how great Bart is until my own big day. Bart is extremely attentive and talented. He knew exactly what I liked / wanted and delivered much beyond my expectation. He would give professional recommendations but never force-pushed them on you. I would describe his make-up and hair-do to be timelessly beautiful and elegant.

A note on his attitude. He is highly responsible and professional. Bart proactively phoned me one week before my big day to go through the schedule and gave sensible feedbacks (he actually went beyond his scope and that is highly appreciated). On the big day, he did his part perfectly well. He was always there and came forward to touch-up at good timing!

I was once worried a male MUA would be a concern but it turned out to be totally fine. Hiring Bart as my MUA is one of the best choices I made for my wedding.

J acqueline & Bob

As a make up artist, Bart is most certainly capable of bringing out your best. He is professional, attentive, and goes the extra mile to make sure you look perfect. I booked Bart for a total of three days of prewedding in two different sessions, and I am completely impressed by how he has an innate talent to both adapt a reference look to fit you, AND surprise you with a stunning creation when you don't know what look you want. His make up is fresh and classy, and he is just brilliant at setting your hair too (very important to complete the look!).

Thank you Bart, for your hard work in the hot and cold days, for always being helpful, humourous, and reassuring - you are such a great makeup artist, yet so humble about your talent.

C hristie & Jonathan

Bart is just amazing, there are no words to describe it. Not only was he my MUA, but he was like my guardian angel on my wedding day, giving me non make up related tips to make sure the day unfolds as expected. He was super attentive and was always just nearby, waiting to see if I need a little touch up here and there (especially in between the crying moments). His make up technique is just spectacular. He would give you his professional recommendation on certain looks, but he is not forceful at all, the most important thing is he wants you to feel comfortable in your own skin. He just works around what YOU want, and make it 10 times better!

Bart enhances your features and really emphasizes on natural beauty, which is what I wanted for my wedding day. I wanted to look beautiful, but more importantly, I wanted to look like myself. Bart did just that! I highly recommend Bart to all future brides who just want to be themselves on their big day, but a prettier version of their everyday self.

As I told Bart at 5am on my wedding day, "I know I am in good hands, I trust you completely". He really is the best MUA out there and I could not have asked for more. Thanks to Bart, All my wedding photos looked spectacular and I have received so many compliments on how amazing I looked! Bart has exceeded all my expectations and I am so glad that of the million things you have to lock down during wedding planning phase (venue, photography, decor etc), I locked this one down first!!!

Thank you, Bart!!

J ane & Simon

Bart was a pleasure to have around on our wedding day. He was super professional and his make-up skills were impeccable. He was always ready to give me helpful advice throughout the day and it was great to have him there to calm me down when my nerves went haywire! I would definitely recommend Bart to any bride-to-be!

Thanks so much Bart for your amazing work!